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Book Choice: Why It Matters

Across ethnic, political, racial, and socioeconomic divides, reading to children is one of the few things that caregivers, parents, and grandparents can easily agree to – even if they don’t all practice it (as much or as well as we’d like). More is better... but isn't higher quality even better?

As a part of my transition to parenthood, I geeked out researching child development. What I found pretty quickly is that exposure to words and literacy are paramount for young children. The other stuff is secondary.


Which type of stroller and how to handle sleep felt really urgent and difficult when the kids are babies (it was!), but as they get older, cognitive, social, and emotional development is way harder. There may be dozens of stroller options, but there are 100,000s of children’s books to choose from. That’s a lot. I'm a numbers person, so I know.

What are great books to read to our kids? Not all books are created equally. Parents, teachers, and grandparents can’t simply depend on “whatever is popular with kids nowadays” to select books. Not all books promote child development or values that are important to your family.

Curate books that stimulate goals like problem solving, focus, and creativity. Choose books that engage, educate and challenge your child and live your values.

*Or, let data help.*

Me: Rachel Bernstein.

Me: Rachel Bernstein.

I’m a data analytics professional with a decade of experience. I conducted an in-depth, data-driven study reviewing Bestsellers and High Quality Books. Further, I back up those hard numbers with leading child development research from academics, educators, and other professionals.

I’m working on summarizing my (ongoing) years of study into an inviting, humorous, and well-researched book. In the meantime, I'm happy to share what I've learned with specific book suggestions for you. Spread the wealth.
I would love to hear your feedback on this project.  Share your email if you’d like a note when the book is published.  I promise I won’t do anything sketchy with your email or spam you. 

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