STEM: Kids Need Non-Fiction Too

What Happens to a Hamburger by Paul Showers

Fact-filled and entertaining foray from saliva to the bathroom, this book engages readers, teaches specific terminology and concepts while holding attention. Especially clear and informative, this book helps children answer the burning questions about how the body works, without a heavy focus on potty humor. Unless you want to go there, in which case, you can.


One Grain of Rice by Desi

Wrapped in an Indian folktale, this counting book mixes the joys of words with numbers. Easily appeals to children drawn to either words or numbers and promotes curiosity in the other theme. A clever and generous village girl defeats a selfish and foolish rajah. Using math. Stunning illustrations.




My Light by Molly Bang

Clearly and evocatively explaining sun and energy concepts, this story follows the sun’s energy from light, clouds, dams, plants, and other energy sources. The illustrations are captivating, and kids love to learn about the world when described in clear ways like this. Each page or two explains a different energy source concept, using simple poetic language. Effective introduction to energy.




Pond Circle by Betsy Franco, illustrated by Stefano Vitale

Trace a pond food chain from algae to frog to coyote and more! Employing interesting word choice, the story introduces ecosystems without getting technical. If children bite and show interest in this introductory story, share a more advanced one about the same topic! Repetitive in the way children appreciate and they can enjoy finishing the sentences.