1,2,3 Amusing Counting Books

Hippos Go Berserk by Sandra Boynton

My copy is in absolute tatters. Boynton, in her brilliance, joyfully counts from one to ten and back in rhyme - with just the right degree of silliness (a lot). Bonus point: addresses feeling lonely too.



The Wildlife ABC and 123 Book by Jan Thornhill

Takes the usual, boring simple counting book to a whole new level with illustrations. Accompanying each number is an artful illustration of an animal or group of animals. The drawings are mesmerizing, the type that a child says “wait don’t turn the page yet!”

Numbers go much higher than most counting books. Before you start, ask how high your child can count or what animal will fit 1000 on one page!


Anno's Mysterious Multiplying Jar by Masaichiro Anno, Mitsumasa Anno

Not simply a linear counting book, this story begins with a jar and ends with an engaging math lesson. This book proves that you can teach “hard” concepts to little ones. It’s appropriate for 5-6-year-olds, or “mathie” 4 year-olds and promotes critical thinking and wonder.