6 Bedtime Stories The Preschooler in Your Life Will Love

Windows by Julia Denos; Illustrated by E. B. Goodale

Have you ever looked out the window and marveled at the unfolding stories? This well-composed story whisks children on a curiosity quest. I especially like how it induces children (and adults!) to focus on details.


Paper Crane by Molly Bang

A timeless, warm story, Paper Crane illustrates generosity with a twist. A restaurant owner with a slow store is generous with a stranger who can't pay. It promotes working hard, kindness, and creativity. The paper cut illustrations are unique and endearing.



Rain School by James Rumford

Awesome choice for boosting gratitude. The Chadian kids in the story have a dramatically different school experience than American children and their appreciation shows. Help your children compare their school to Thomas' school. What is different and what is similar?




Pirate Princess by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen; Illustrated by Jill McElmurry

Gender-stereotype defying and clever, this creative princess sticks with her goal despite challenges. Princess Bea follows her dream of being a pirate with its challenges and rewards. Excellent for encouraging grit. It’s funny, engaging and the rhyming makes for excellent real aloud sessions.



Push Button by Aliki

Reveals the wonder and curiosity of free play. Explore all the noises and what happens when push-button boy explores all kinds of things. Story even includes consequences and his resilience when something doesn’t go his way.





Ruby in Her Own Time Jonathan Emmett and Rebbeca Harry

Lovely, classic story demonstrating unwavering parents who accept their kid for who she is. Ruby is the last of five ducklings and is different from her siblings. Positive affirmations reveal how supportive parents make space for her to shine at her own pace.