Memorable, High-Quality Books for Easy Last-Minute Gifts

Splashdance by Liz Starin 

A rare story that engages both adults and children on a serious topic and told in a funny way. The characters and illustrations are detailed, captivating, and comical. Adults will understand discrimination — “No bears allowed!” and children will glom onto themes like fairness, friendship, and disappointment. You can read this book dozens of times and still have a different conversation each time. 

Elsie’s Bird by Jane Yolen; illustrated by David Small

Touching story of a resilient girl who moves to Nebraska from her urban Boston home, after her mother’s death. How will she adjust to all the changes? See how she adapts and appreciates her new home. Highly recommended story to spark conversations about appreciation, grief, and change. Great choice for Little House on the Prairie lovers.


Real Cowboys by Kate Hoefler; illustrated by Jonathan Bean

Unpack traditionally masculine cowboy traits. Reconsider what skills cowboys really need and how they really act. "Real cowboys cry." Discover how multi-dimensional cowboys can be!

Jazz of Our Street by Fatima Shaik

Join a singing, dancing, and drumming parade down the streets of New Orleans, jazz’s birthplace. Musical and celebratory, introduce your child to the excitement of a new place. The descriptive language is rich and captivating. Think about what is special where you live and celebrate it!


Georgia's Bones by Jennifer Bryant

Actually a story about artist Georgia O’Keefe’s childhood, the descriptions are vivid and illustrations colorful. Appreciate the little things around us, like leaves, sticks, stones, and flowers. What little object can you appreciate today?