5 Stories to Ignite Your Child's Creativity

The Book of Mistakes by Corinna Luyken

Artfully, this story flip flops between a mistake and creative resolution. Inspirational story about creatively persevering. Reminiscent of Shel Silverstein, these illustrations are of the type that children will ask you to pause reading to just look. You'll notice new pieces each time.



Not a Box by Antoinette Portis

Who loves a good ol' cardboard box? Name some creative uses! This simple story shows the adventure of thinking up all kinds of fun things to turn a box into. The language is simple, and it encourages free play. 



Ten Old Pails by Nicholas Heller; Illustrated by Yossi Abulafia

A new, totally underrated, favorite, this creative, helpful, and hard working boy helps around his family's farm and collects 1,2,3 ... 10 old pails. Find out why and what he does with them! This story effectively and unobtrusively illustrates awesome character traits I want my kids to have. 

Note: this image doesn't do it justice, so don't judge this one by its cover!


Abuela by Arthur Dorros; illustrated by Elisa Kleven

Magical Realism isn't only for Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Literally fly with Rosalba and her Abuela (grandma) on a journey through her imagination and grandmother's colorful life story. Story expertly weaves in Spanish language.




Story of Noodles by Ying Chang Compestine; Illustrated by Yongsheng Xuan

This playful brother trio problem solves together and creatively devises a solution to a food contest in their village. The book includes a noodle recipe, which you can use to bring it to real life in the kitchen.