Helping Your Child Face Fears with Courage and Perseverance

Abigail the Whale by Davide Cali; Illustrated by Sonja Bougaeva

Provides a effective example of positive self-talk and visualization that is concrete enough for children to identify with. This story reveals how Abigail overcomes both mean girls and her self perception that she isn't and can't. She applies the lesson more broadly, which is a valuable lesson too! This is a gem.

Also, a fantastic choice to discuss bullying. 


Ella and Penguin Stick Together by Megan Maynor; Illustrated by Rosalinde Bonnet

Ella and her penguin friend are curious to check out new glow-in-the dark stickers, but they must face their fear of the dark first. They try different ideas and when they finally overcome their fear, they get to relish the intrinsic reward with creativity and joy! 




Scaredy Squirrel by Mélanie Watt

Scaredy Squirrel is hyper-aware and avoids from all sorts of perceived forest dangers. But, in doing so, he misses out on living. Unfortunately, such fears hold him back from all sorts of adventures. See what happens when Scaredy Squirrel is forced from his tree. 

Book #1 of a funny, applicable & thoughtful series



Jabari Jumps by Gaia Cornwall

Jabari's father takes him and his sister to the local pool, and Jabari wants to jump off the diving board. "Looks easy." But it's not. He tries again and again until he's ready. Jabari both faces unspoken fears and perseveres. Wonderful lessons.





Yuki's Ride Home by Manya Tessler  

After enjoying a wonderful one-on-one day with her grandmother, Yuki must bike home. She bravely faces her fear, while showing generosity and thoughtfulness to her grandmother.