Bored with Monotonous ABC Books?

Alphabet by Matthew Van Fleet

Colorful, textured, and interactive, this book feels more like an activity than simply reading a flat, odorless story. Engaging on many levels, experience multi-sensory ABCs through animals, action words, opposites and more.

LMNO Peas by Keith Baker

Part of a series about a hoard of little green friends, this book carries us through the alphabet of careers, activities, and pastimes. The rhymes and illustrations are fun to experience and elevates the book from a simple (aka, boring) compilation of letter and career that starts with the corresponding letter pairings.

Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten by Joseph Slate; illustrated by Ashley Wolff

Joining in the excitement and anxieties of Kindergarten, school-bound kids will recognize their own morning routines. A rare book illustrating a wheelchair-bound kid and the spectrum of emotions around getting to school in the morning.

Z was Zapped: A Play in 26 Acts by Chris Van Allsburg

Far more captivating than most plain ABC books, watch a mystery unfold! Cloaked in theatrical wonder and intrigue, uncover the misfortunes of the letters.